UI/UX Designer

I am a UI/UX designer based in Portland, Oregon. I have experience in designing easy-to-use interefaces for websites and mobile apps and in researching and designing solutions for enhanced user experiences and engagement.


UI Design

The majority of my UI experience is in web design and mobile apps. I have extensive experience in creating easy-to-use and intuitive interfaces for SaaS platforms as well as for marketing websites.


UX Design

UX is a big field. I specialize in user research and testing. I deliver prototypes using Sketch or Axure RP for lower fidelity projects. I code prototypes with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for higher fidelity projects.


Web Design

I have a background in traditional print design and have brought those skills into designing websites. I see every project through a design lens and strive to create beautiful, well balanced websites that are visually striking and easy to navigate.