ImpactFlow Mobile App

Problem: The ImpactFlow web software was designed using mobile-first in mind. It worked well on tablets and phones. Our customers used it to process event check ins for their events, but they couldn't process new ticket sales easily at the door of their event. Our customers were asking for a native mobile app that could do two things: 1) Check guests in to their events easily; and 2) Be able to process credit card sales at the door on the same day as their event.

Solution: Internally, the team got to work figuring out how we could support these two requests. We thought up an app that could scan tickets using the a mobile device's built in camera. Additionally, by pairing a card reader with the device, similar to Square, we were able to allow event hosts to sell additional tickets at the door on the day of their event. Using a variety of wire framing and prototyping exercises with my internal team, I was able to deliver our developer with the look, feel, and functionality of the app.

Result: The app was widely used by ImpactFlow customers. One music event was able to use the mobile app at their large music festival with 65,000 attendees and generate $2 million dollars in ticket sales while using the app on several iPads.

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Tools Used

  • Sketch
  • InVision
Defining the user flow
Thinking through the interface
Visual Design Phase
Surprise and delight
Final Working Product